What’s a landing page?

When a user clicks on a banner advert, PPC advert, Facebook ad or another form of digital marketing, they are usually sent to a specific page. A landing page.

It’s “any web page a potential customer arrives at after expressing interest in one of your upstream ads” (source: Unbounce).

However, not all landing pages are the same. Many advertisers will simply let their website homepage suffice as a landing page for their paid ad targets, and hope that once users get there, they’ll somehow figure out what to do next. This is a wrong assumption and you should never assume users will know what to do.

Do I need a landing page?

A specific landing page has so much potential to further convince and show users how to complete an action on your site, be it; sign up, submit enquiry, register, buy product, buy service etc – the action that brought them there in the first place from the advert.

Paid ads usually have specific offers or message to appeal to users. For example, when a user clicks to learn more about a 50% sale that you are promoting through a PPC advertisement, they should land on a page that gives them the information about that 50% sale. If they arrive on your homepage and find no direct indication of a ‘sale’ that your advert promoted, they’ll simply leave.

An effective landing page is specific to the ad campaign or product it is promoting and I can help you with ideas, design and stragety to maximise your adverts, microsites and more. Simply get in touch to discuss more.

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