The power of the mailing list

Newsletter (sometimes called eshots) are a great way to market your business. In fact, some businesses like Groupon, Secret Escapes and Wowcher have built their entire business model just on email-only offers. That’s how powerful they can be, yet so many businesses now ignore the importance of building a mailing list that you can continually grow and thus sell to, and instead focus on social media, SMS advertising or others alone.

Experienced with Eshots

Whether you are compiling a list to send latest news, product developments, industry leadership or just want to email your list to let them know what you’re up to, I can help get you set up with a leading mailing list management system, help design an email template that you can use for your mailshots and even help you analyse the reports to optimise the delivery day/time and open rates.

While there are numerous services out there which allow you to create lists and send from, I personally recommend Mailchimp as it’s user-friendly, easy to integrate and comes with great support.

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