Add WooCommerce attributes Into Nav Menus

While setting up an online store for a client, we needed to list product attributes in the menu. To take advantage of showing the current page feature of the menus (to show current page as highlighted), I didn’t want to have to manually add custom links for each attribute.

The client had 150+ attributes so I wanted to be able to select, reorder and add the attributes without having to write out all the custom links separately.

So there is a handy filter we can add to your themes’ functions.php file or via a small plugin like this:

add_filter('woocommerce_attribute_show_in_nav_menus','wc_reg_for_menus', 1, 2);
function wc_reg_for_menus( $register, $name = '' ) {
     if ( $name == 'colors' ) $register = true;
     return $register;

In the above example, I am using the attribute ‘colors’ which will add it to the nav menus system in WordPress, so you can add all attribute values into your menus.

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