I’m now a Certified WordPress Expert at Codeable

While I’ve been working as a web designer and developer for nearly 10 years now, 5 of those have been as a freelancer and consultant specialising in WordPress development and bespoke design. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever go back to employment.

Recently, I applied to become a certified expert at Codeable, and today marks the day of being officially certified!

Codeable is a portal where clients can get the highest quality work completed by WordPress experts to complete projects of all sizes. They will pay a little more than the average freelancer rate (minimum range between $70-120p/h), but they know they will receive only the highest tier of skills from vetted experts worldwide.

How I Became a Certified Codeable Expert Developer

As Codeable is known to offer the highest quality work and service for their clients, they are used by some of the biggest names in WordPress including WooCommerce, SiteGround, Advanced Custom Fields, WPEngine and more as help to their customers who require help or cusomised work on their sites.

But not every developer can make it as a Codeable developer – in fact, there is a very rigorous application process and only the top 2% of applicants actually get accepted.

The Application Process consists of:

  • Develop A Test Project Site
  • Customer Service Interview & Aptitude test
  • Live Coding Test
  • Interview With The CEO
  • 45 Day Trial Period

While thorough, I made it through step-by-step and was awarded my Codeable Expert Developer status today, August 27th. I’ve completed a good array of tasks through Codeable for clients, with an overall rating of 5/5 for the work completed so far for my happy clients. You can read my Codeable Reviews here on my website or directly on my Codeable profile.

Why Codeable is awesome for developers

1. Made with Developers in mind

There is a dedicated support team at Codeable purely to help developers with every aspect of being an expert. They will promote jobs to you in the beginning to help get you increase your tasks completed and help you get some stats on your profile.

2. The CEO Is Involved & Invested

The CEO is a really passionate guy. It’s rare for CEO’s to be so involved at the most basic level, never any that I’ve had before at least, investing this kind of time and effort into the people that are part of their company.

3. It’s not about the lowest bid

If you’ve ever used a freelancing service before, you’ll know it’s one big “free for all”. You setup an account and start bidding on jobs right away. Nothing is regulated and the clients can see each individuals estimate which means if you want work you have to underbid everyone else (including yourself). I’ve never competed on price and never would. This process sucks and has always made me close my account very quickly after registering. Codeable is very different.

Codeable only shows one price to the client. This price is an average of the bids submitted. So if one developer estimates $110 and another prices it at $90 the client would see $100. This allows the client to choose a developer based on skillset for the job. So not based on the cheapest estimate, but with who communicates and understand their projects’ scope the best.

4. Codeable handles all billing and payments

Every freelancer knows how much a pain in the ass it is to chase down certain clients and get paid for a job already completed. Codeable takes all this away from you. They act as an escrow service. The client is required to pay in full for the project upfront by depositing into an intermediary account. This ensures that clients can’t just run off into obscurity when the time comes to pay. The fee is held by Codeable until the developer has successfully completed the project and the client marks it as ‘completed’, once they are happy with the work done. Once the client has completed the task your funds are released and are able to be withdrawed immediately.

5. Codeable is a family

Codeable is more than just a talented group of developers bidding on jobs and meeting up at the odd conference. Developers at Codeable form their own community via a dedicated Slack group, which is an amazing resource.

Final Thoughts

So far, my experience at Codeable has been extremely positive and I’d recommend the platform for clients to have work completed by talented specialist developers, and for dedicated developers to work in a proactive environment. Hopefully this post has inspired at least one developer out there to become a Codeable Expert if you already enjoy freelancing as a WordPress developer.

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    thank you for sharing your experience, I see Codeable as a great platform and would like to know about you experience for the last 2 years with them.

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