Prevent blurry Woocommerce gallery images after 3.3 update

By 12th February 2019Blog

Woocommerce has updated a few times since, but I ran into a confusion when trying to understand how a clients product images were looking blurry as thumbnails on the product page.

The Settings -> Media were set to 300×300
The Appearance -> Customize -> Woocommerce -> Product images were set to 300×300
The themes functions were set to even larger

… yet the thumbnails were stuck at 100×100 pixels. Baffling.

In cases like this, you can create a new function in a new custom plugin to override any other settings.

// resize image gallery thumbnail sizes
add_filter( 'woocommerce_get_image_size_gallery_thumbnail', function( $size ) {
	return array(
	'width' => 300,
	'height' => 300,
	'crop' => 0,

Obviously you can change the values to anything you wish, as well as the gallery_thumbnail part to any other image size.

In some instances, you may also need to Regenerate Thumbnails to create the new thumbnail sizes if they don’t already exist.



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